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The Taser Pulse, A Compact Personal Defense Tool That Packs A Punch

Taser International released a new electronic control device (ECD) at the 2016 SHOT Show. The self defense device is made for non-law enforcement application and is known as the Pulse. Unlike the existing C2 weapon manufactured for civilian use, the Pulse is handgun shaped and is a bridge between the C2 and the X26 frequently used by police departments.

Taser intended the Pulse to be more of an intuitive use product since many individuals are acquainted with the way a gun operates. It offers a low profile thumb safety as well as angled sights to make it more amenable to concealed carry. The exchangeable cartridge carries a 15 feet range.

Just like the X26, the unit features a built in red laser for aiming. Also, the unit uses a LED white light for lighting. Based on my experience with the X26 in real deployments, I found the laser worked well.

Just like the C2, the Pulse is made to deliver a varying electrical pulse over 30 seconds. The concept is this will permit the user to flee the scene when the probes are correctly deployed. This is different from the devices marketed to law enforcement where the pulse length of time is much less: 5 seconds.

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