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Thigh Gun Holster Comparisons

As an armed citizen, hunter, a regulation enforcer or a warrior on the gun vary, getting to decide on a good leg holster, typically proves to be troublesome due to the minimal amount of information out there on handgun accessories. Before buying a leg holster it's essential perceive it is varied varieties and their different functionalities. A Drop Leg Holster Suggestions can usually both be a thigh holster, hip holster or ankle holster. The thigh and hip holsters are much like the positions on that part of the physique, while the ankle holster is a concealment holster primarily used to conceal a backup fire arm. For the sake of simplicity and brevity, we will focus on the thigh and hip holster which together could be collectively termed as drop leg holsters.

The next are a few of the features you must look out for keenly during your quest to identify a very good drop leg holster.

A good drop leg holster should have the suitable degree of retention. Retention refers to the potential of the holster to retain a handgun inside while being acted upon by an external force. Holsters have three ranges of retention. Level 1 retention, refers to that supplied by friction only to keep the gun retained. Stage 2 employs further security such as the presence of a retaining strap across the hand gun while degree 3 employs using both the previous ranges in an effort to secure your firearm. A superb holster should, therefore, have the appropriate degree of retention relying on the danger of gun grab.

A very good leg holster ought to be simply accessible to the consumer throughout varied intervals of use. The hip holster is easily accessible while standing upright but the converse is true when the user is in a automobile while the thigh holster is not going to be easily accessible in the first occasion however will supply wonderful accessibility in the second scenario.

An extra sturdy belt attachment system is a mark of an excellent leg holster. This, therefore, implies that the holster has to incorporate a strengthened belt loop that will be as sturdy because the holster itself versus the common department retailer belt.

A superb leg holster should have as many changes on it as possible with out compromising on its stability and security. A very good holster has changes for the holster physique, Leg strap, belt strap lower portion, belt strap higher portion, journal flap, muzzle relaxation, thumb break left aspect, and the thumb break right side. This enhances consolation because the holster is in the suitable setting for your body.

A very good leg holster shouldn't slip insecurely in your clothes during movement since that is dangerous and uncomfortable. A solution to this downside could be the presence of rubberized leg straps which can be slip resistant. You should, subsequently, go for holsters with these.

A very good holster ought to have the flexibility to fit different sizes of weapons in it as this will remove the necessity to buy totally different holsters on your completely different pistol sizes. Whereas it will not be doable for a holster to fit all pistol sizes, medium and large pistol sizes ought to be capable to comfortably fit inside it.

Accessory mounting areas on the holster are another characteristic of an excellent leg holster. These promote the carrying of different essentials together together with your handguns, resembling knives, journal cases, flash lights, and pouches.

The holster material needs to be durable, light-weight, breathable, water-resistant and water proof. This ensures that it's in a position to deal with any extremities whereas nonetheless standing the check of time. Supplies equivalent to nylon and cloth are higher suited in this regard than standard holster materials like leather.


If you are trying to carry your gun in your leg, it is primarily essential to find a holster that s comfy, secure and accessible. The eight suggestions and pointers listed above will go a good distance in guaranteeing that you just get to choose nothing however the perfect holster to suit your needs.

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