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Easy Wear Belly Holster

A Stomach Holster is mainly a vast versatile band that is tied around the waist to hide weapons. It is one of the most secure and accurate methodology of carrying a weapon. It has totally different "pockets" that you would be able to embed a weapon and further magazines into. Truth be instructed, it…

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My First Impression About Lipstick Stun Guns

I was looking for personal defense things to acquire and was looking into various sites. I came across various stuff I might get which included pepper spray and stun guns. Then I discovered lipstick stun guns. After seeing these and reading through the reviews about them I knew I needed to obtain on…

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Pepper Spray Pistol Can Be Utilized At Safe Distance

It is one very good feature that is typically offered by most pepper spray pistols. This device works extremely well at safe distance. A lot of defense sprays can be utilized from 8 12 feet very easily. It means that you will be able to have adequate distance from the assailants, so they dont have a…

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Found Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons For Sale Online

I found myself looking around online for non lethal self defense weapons. I didn't like the very thought of keeping a handgun and desired to protect myself. I discovered an internet site online that had lots of different non lethal protection weapons such as pepper spray and taser guns. I managed to…

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